Life In Plastic: Monster Mayhem (Oriental Trading Company)


Well well well, Oriental Trading Company, we meet again!  Last time we had the blind-boxed Wee Warriors, which had their good and not-so-good points.  And this time?  We’ve got Monster Mayhem, which looks like it might be an heir to the empire of Mighty Max! You know, small playset in the shape of a monster head, which opens up to reveal tons of mini figure goodies.  That kinda thing.  Although they aren’t made by Oriental Trading, these three sets appear to only be available there.  Or maybe at a discount store or two, it’s hard to tell (information is slightly contradictory).  There is an app that lists tons upon tons of monsters, and there is an official website.. which only contains a commercial, featuring tons upon tons of playsets that nobody has ever seen.  To simplify:  Unless directly proven otherwise, I’m gonna assume that these three sets are the only ones available.  Anyway, I ordered them from Oriental Trading, so let’s take a look at the unboxing!

Well, then.  That review was kind of a hilarious fiasco.  Now that I’ve had time to properly look at the three playsets and the figures over time, I’ve come to slightly more concrete opinions.  Firstly, I was opening the sets wrong.  If you press on the top of the head, all three panels spring open.  You can also keep the car inside the zombie head and close it, no problem.  The figures are potentially blind-boxed, or at least other people have gotten SLIGHTLY different assortments.  Zombie and Skull should not have been essentially identical in my sets, but everybody else has gotten plenty of repeats as well.  It’s hard to tell.  So let’s take an in-depth look. Sets first, and then figures. I used the app to learn each monster’s name, so they aren’t just “Jeff.”


The Mummy set remains my favorite, if just because it looks the best on a shelf. There’s something about cyclops mummies, isn’t there? I guess. But remember, the material is pretty flimsy and fragile.


They packed a lot of stuff inside, but it isn’t super well-designed. For one thing, that tab in the lower middle needs to be pried open (I’ve been using a nail file). The snakes and sarcophagus at the bottom are loose, as well. It’s not the worst thing, but it’s something to keep in mind.


The skull looks like a cheap Halloween decoration, which it sort of i. Not complaining, just pointing out.


See how the lizard on the right is missing its tail? It popped off while I was setting up for photos, and vanished into the aether. Yes, what happened in the video was a warning. That spider’s long fangs flop around a lot, but if you’re aware of them, you will be just fine.


I like the way that the zombie’s eye is incorporated into the set itself. It’s a nice little Mighty Max touch!


Unfortunately, the set itself is messed up. It’s hard to get the cauldron open (but doable). The space behind the Cauldron is messed up – you are supposed to fit a figure in there, but it’s practically impossible to get one out without tweezers. The door also needs to be pried open by a tool.


At least the car fits in, right? Anyway, despite the engineering issues in the sets, let’s look at the figures inside.


Naked Jeff’s real name is Over Built, and I’d like to point some things out to you. See those green spots? The base color of the figure is green. He’s just been painted in flesh, and that paint has been flaking off since I unboxed the sets. The mere friction from being stored inside is messing these toys up already! Their material isn’t the best kind of rubber either, to be honest.


Wrap Star is still my favorite figure. That said, you can see flaking paint again.


Thanks to mostly being green, Triple Threat has some fairly good quality going on, so we’ll give it that.


Same deal with Zipper Neck. The green figures are the best-made.


It’s not visible here, but Flame Broiled’s elbow is scraped nearly paint-free just from storing him in the playset!


Bone Head is another of my favorites, if just because it’s a unique shape. Watch out for paint flaking, though!


Zom B is pretty cool, but he looks so much like Zipper Neck that, well… yeah. Green human-shaped dudes.


Deep Dive is a frog, but again. Nearly identical green dudes.


And here’s Wicked Witch.


Lone WOlf has a huge seam across his face, which is disfiguring at this small size.


And King Thong is just a generic gorilla.


Well, there you go! These are… they exist. I was more positive toward them in the video review, but after some time looking at all three sets, they really aren’t worth the $9 each, and there are too many weird unknown variables. It’s a shame, though – I mean, sure, if you like what you’ve been seeing right now, then go for it, but just beware of those negatives.


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