Your Daily Nerd Thing: Part 2

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing. Our Alice Isn’t Dead week continues. Previously we talked about episodes from season 1. Today we are talking about season 2 and there may be spoilers if you are not that far into the show yet.

Season 1 was entirely narrated by Jasika Nicole as Keisha. Season 2 introduced a new voice in the form of a mysterious woman who threatens her. We don’t get any answers about who this woman is until the end of the series. We know that she is possibly some kind of inhuman monster that randomly kills people but one very different from the thistle men of season 1.

This mystery woman becomes the main antagonist of season 2 and a first it is assumed she works for thistle. The truth we find out at he end of the season is far more disturbing. When we finally find out who this brutal woman is I found it kind of perfect but we will talk about that tomorrow.

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