Your Daily Nerd Thing: Thistle

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing. Today is the final day of Alice Isn’t Dead week. And I warn you now there will be spoilers ahead for the whole series so proceed further at your own peril.


The first season was all about Keisha looking for Alice, and at the end she found Alice but they were not reunited. In the second season Keisha looked for answers about the secret war between Bay and Creek Shipping and the thistle men while a murderous mystery woman hunted her. At the end of that season the woman caught Keisha and revealed that both groups actually worked together and the war was a lie to control people. But then Alice barged in and seemingly dispatched the mystery woman and rescued Keisha. And we actually got to hear Alice’s voice for the first time. The third and final season was narrated by Alice and Keisha together as they worked through their relationship issues and fought to defeat their enemies. And they won. Bay and Creek and the thistle men were defeated. Keisha and Alice went on to live a life and eventually die like all people do. But then the series surprise us one more time.

In the final moments of the finale episode we hear the voice of the mysterious woman again. And we learn that if she had a name her name would be Thistle. She was not just some monster in the thistle arsenal, she was the source of it. Near as I can tell she is some primordial force of destruction. She always returns and brings out the worst in the people she encounters and there are always others there to fight her. This cycle was going long before Keisha and Alice were ever born and one day long after they die it will begin again. There are hints that Sylvia the oracle may have tipped the balance but we can’t be sure. This was the story of Keisha and Alice and their particular battle in this cycle.

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