Comic Book Storytelling: West Coast Avengers 3 and Red Sonja Halloween

Welcome back to Comic Book Storytelling. Halloween was earlier this week but I only have one Halloween comic to talk about. Are Halloween specials still a thing? I didn’t really notice any others this year.


Red Sonja of all characters had a Halloween special this year. However the main cover is not accurate, Red Sonja does not fight any pumpkin monsters. The main story is about the Hyborian Age version of Halloween. On this haunted night Red Sonja finds herself in some spooky woods encountering ghosts but mostly tracking and slaying a werewolf. Then there is a back up story where Red Sonja drinks a lot and rescues a little girl from being sacrificed to some monster god. The artwork in both stories is good and they are pretty standard one shot Red Sonja tales. If you are a fan of Red Sonja it is worth it.



Also West Coast Avengers #3 is out now. Of course it turned out that B.R.O.D.O.K. was actually M.O.D.O.K. and since he still can’t make friends after becoming more attractive he decides to go back to villainy and attack the city with several giant monster women. Kate Bishop points out that it does not matter if he is better looking now, he has done nothing to change his rotten personality. Then she gets captured. The rest of the team spends the issue fighting the giant monster women but trying not to hurt them because they are just victims too. Also it looks like Gwenpool no longer has her powers. She still has her fourth wall self awareness but can’t jump between comic panels and Quentin Quire seems worried about her but I still don’t care about him at all. They manage to help giant Tigra get some self control back just in time because now Kate has been turned into a giant monster bird woman. There will probably be more giant monster woman fighting next issue.



And finally lets talk about Heroes in Crisis #2. Basically nothing happens in this issue. At least nothing that makes me want to keep reading it. The concept of a secret therapy sanctuary for superheroes is fascinating. And the idea of a murder being committed in that sanctuary is an interesting story idea. But so far the execution of these concepts is just falling flat for me. The most notable thing I can say is that Harley Quinn dons her original costume again but that is hardly enough for me to keep reading. I think I am done with Heroes in Crisis so I won’t be covering it anymore here.

We will be back next week with more on what stories are going on in comics.

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