Farewell Stan Lee

Stan Lee has passed away at the age of 95. We are sad to see him leave this world for the next. He was one of those personalities that just seemed like it would always be there no matter what. But Stan was still a man and he has reached the end of his story.

All the fans I have known always had good things to say about meeting him. I never met Stan Lee. He visited the Chicago area more than once but I never made the trip to go see him. As I said it felt like he would always be there next time.

There are a great many things I could say about Stan Lee but it is hard to choose. So I will talk about the one great talent that I found the most fascinating about him. Stan Lee knew how to sell his stories but he also knew how to sell himself. Early on in his career he was not just marketing superheroes, or Marvel Comics, he was marketing himself. Stan Lee was not just a man who created comic book characters, he was Stan the Man, he was STAN LEE! And he was Excelsior.

Now lets all take some time to remember Stan with a compilation videos of all his cameos.

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