Comic Book Storytelling: Uncanny X-Men, West Coast Avengers, and Mr. and Mrs. X

It is time for more Comic Book Storytelling. This time were are taking a look at some X-Men comics and checking in on the West Coast Avengers again.


A new Uncanny X-Men series has started with the team featured on the cover. It already has three issues out starting off with a story line called X-Men Disassembled. So far I doubt it is going to have the same weight as the Avengers Disassembled story did but its not half bad. I really checked out the series because I saw that Bishop was going to be on the team and he is my longtime favorite X-man.

The series starts out with the X-Men fighting various threats and encountering weird phenomena like they usually do. Then Kitty Pryde mysteriously disappears along with the latest anti-mutant senator character who will probably end up like those that came before him one day. Then Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man shows up and causes a big fight with his army of duplicates and Angel flies off for some reason. At the end of the first issue we see that Kitty Pryde and the senator are being held captive in the same place along with a third surprise prisoner, Apocalypse. Now this had me interested.

But in #2 we don’t get any insight into who is powerful enough to hold Apocalypse captive. We do get another surprise at the end of the issue when David Haller shows up with an unusually normal hairstyle. For those who do not remember David Haller is known as Legion, and he is Professor X’s son, and he is a ridiculously powerful mutant with a wide array of powers and multiple personalities. Also the X-Men fought some dinosaurs.

In issue #3 we learn that David Haller was putting his extra powers and personalities into the Jamie Madrox duplicates in order to make himself more stable and prepared to fight some other unrevealed enemy. Well by the end of the issue we get a look at the enemy in the form of Magento, Blob, Omega Red, and Angel transformed and all holy looking. Promotional ads have been calling them the Horsemen of Salvation with Nate Grey the X-Man leading them. So it seems Nate is positioning himself in direct opposition to Apocalypse hence the capturing. However Magneto claims they are on a mission of peace but their first action is to destroy the current X-school in a huge explosion. So David was just trying to prevent these guys from doling out their twisted version of ‘peace’ but he still had a pretty lousy plan. I guess we’ll find out next issue how all of this came about.



The fourth issue of West Coast Avengers came out and the conclusion of their first story arc. And what can I say about it? They save the day. Yes Kate Bishop was turned into a giant bird monster woman but she gets better by the end. And all of the other monster women get turned back to normal, except for one lady who wanted to stay a dragon. B.R.O.D.O.K. gets turned back into M.O.D.O.K. and gets flung into space. Tigra goes back to normal size but is not interested in joining the new West Coast Avengers. I don’t understand why, its not there are any other Marvel writers using her right now. At the end of the issue the team goes on Jimmy Kimmel live and members of the Master of Evil see them and declare their intentions to do something about it, so we will see more of those villains soon. These first few issues were a standard superhero comic book story and that’s not bad, but its also not that great either. Lucky for them I am a Gwenpool fan so I will keep reading it for her alone. At least until the whole “she hates Kid Omega so much she has no choice but to make out with him” thing becomes more than I can tolerate. Although the series also has America Chavez so its the only place to get my fix of her too.



I would also like to talk about the Mr. and Mrs. X series starring everyone’s favorite southern mutant couple Rogue and Gambit. You may have heard back in X-Men Gold #30 Kitty Pryde and Colossus were going to get married. But at the last moment Kitty phased out and it didn’t happen. But there was all that wedding stuff set up so Gambit swooped in and proposed to Rogue and they got married instead. They start of their new series having their honeymoon in outer space and quickly getting mixed up in some intergalactic intrigue. It turns out Professor X and Lilandra, the Shi’ar ruler, had a child together some time before they both died. At least I think they are both still dead right now, its comic books so anything is possible. Anyway their daughter is named Xandra and she is already a preteen. How kids age in comics has always been ridiculously inconsistent so its best to just roll with it. Rogue and Gambit run around for a few issues trying to keep her safe and fighting various space people. In order to end the chase Rogue and Xandra fake their deaths leaving Gambit very sad for a few minutes. With everyone believing Xandra is dead she is safe to go off with Cerise to learn stuff. By the way who else remembers who Cerise is? She was a member of Excalibur back in the 90’s, anyone? Also Rogue’s powers have apparently advanced to a new level where she absorbs power without touching things so she has to wear a power canceling collar all the time now so people around her don’t die. Rogue not being able to control her abilities has been a staple of her character but its also kept her from developing. We will see what happens with that. I always like Gambit and Rogue as a couple and I will probably keep checking out this series.


Our readers may have noticed that I tend to cover more Marvel than DC titles lately. Well the only DC series I am really following are their events. Nothing else they are putting out interests me enough to write about it and its not like I am being paid for this. I am following Doomsday Clock but only the gods know when that will ever be finished. I do read plenty of independent titles but I am not ready to say anything about them this week.

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