Your Daily Nerd Thing: Live Action Kim Possible trailer

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing. Today we look at the other thing that dropped over the weekend that stood out to me. Disney released the first trailer for the live action Kim Possible movie. It certainly looks like a Disney Channel movie.

I was not expecting this to be mind blowing or anything. I do think Dr. Draken and Shego’s costumes are pretty good live action translations of their costumes. And I think this girl looks like a pretty accurate Kim Possible in the flesh. But I do not have anything more to say really about the trailer itself.

There has been a lot of negative reaction online but it is all from people who decided they were going to hate this no matter what the moment it was announced. There is one detail I could get into a discussion about concerning the change of Kim’s outfit from her cartoon crop top to a full covering shirt and the double standards where the bare midriff is concerned between live action and cartoons and the media policing of female bodies and… well it would take a long time to go through all of that and we can talk about those subjects some other time.

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