Comic Book Storytelling: Uncanny X-Men and Doomsday Clock

Welcome back to Comic Book Storytelling. This week we take a look at Marvel’s new Uncanny X-Men series again and the latest issue of DC Comic’s Doomsday Clock.


Number 4 and 5 of the new Uncanny X-Men series are out and indeed Nate Grey the X-Man is behind all the weird phenomena. Nate captured Apocalypse and Kitty Pryde and that anti-mutant senator (still don’ remember his name). He has gone into messiah mode thinking he can save the people of the world from themselves and so far that involves destroying stuff and nearly getting lots of people killed. We still don’t know how he got to this place or how Legion knew what he was up to.

In issue 5 we learn that he took Kitty, Apocalypse, and the senator to be a sort of advisory council as he figures out ways to save the world. But after their first ‘meeting’ its clear he just assembled them so they can tell him what he wants to hear. In other events some of the X-students are complaining about not being treated like real X-Men. It is true the line between student and X-Man has always been ill defined but in this case I lean towards listening to the veterans but the writers might leaning towards the students being right in the end with them getting help from Legion.

At the end of issue 5 there is a little surprise. Psylocke uses her powers to try to free Archangel’s mind from X-Man’s Horseman of Salvation shtick. But then he transforms into his Horseman of the Apocalypse form. I am predicting now that Apocalypse is actually behind all of this. He is somehow manipulating Nate Grey and being a prisoner is all an act.

Solicitations have shown that there is an Age of X-Man event coming soon so things are probably going  get worse before they get better.


Meanwhile DC managed to get another issue of Doomsday Clock out with a kitty cat on the cover. It has been clear from the start they want this series to be like Watchmen and they are really starting to push it here. The whole poorly set up Superman Theory subplot is finally coming to the forefront.

Firestorm went to Russia and got in a fight with a team of Russian supers working for Putin. Something went wrong and Firestorm accidentally turned a bunch of people into glass. Superman goes looking for his and talks to Black Adam. It seems Black Adam’s home country of Khandaq has become a safe haven for metahumans. Firestorm is not hiding there. Also Giganta is wearing her leopard print bikini costume again, she goes back and forth depending on who is drawing her. Superman finds Firestorm and  helps hims to turn a little glass boy back to human.

Superman goes to Russia to talk to Putin and things go horribly wrong. I mean he is trying to have a reasonable conversation with Vladimir Putin of all people so of course its going to go to hell. Firestorm shows up to try to fix things and Russian troops start stupidly shooting the glass people and running them over with tanks. It is all really heavy handed and I was kind of rolling my eyes at it the whole time. Superman fails to diffuse the situation. For some reason Batman is on his way there and declares that Superman should not take a stand on anything and that its not Firestorm. Then Firestorm explodes. Elsewhere Adrian Viedt is watching and it looks like they are saying he somehow engineered all of this. So did Batman mean Firestorm is an imposter or that someone else turned the people to glass? I am not sure I care but I am determined to see this mini series through to the end.

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