Life In Plastic: Transformers Tiny Turbo Changers Series 4


There, now I’m caught up.  Tiny Turbo Changers Series 4 features designs from the new Bumblebee movie, including a few retro color schemes!  Though of course, it’s also full of repaints with a few completely new figures, just like the last few series.  So hey, it’s been one day since Series 3, so let’s just dive right in!

A – Ratchet
B – Grimlock
C – Dragonstorm
D – Dropkick (car)
E – Scorn
F – Bumblebee
G – Dropkick (helicopter_
H – Soundwave
I – Optimus Prime
J – Dinobot Swoop
N – Megatron
P – Shatter


Everyone, we have a new Bumblebee! Finally, a different figure! ostensibly based on his appearance in the new movie, you can see the G1 influence in his design.


Bumblebee transforms by folding out the car’s hood into his arms/wings. The directions tell you to separate his legs, but they don’t actually budge beyond the tiniest bit. Te figure’s interlocking pieces just don’t allow for any real movement.


And now we have Scorn, a Spinosaurus dinobot! You can kind of tell what Scorn is goiing to transform into already.


Although I really like this figure for some reason, Scorn has one of the goofiest, laziest transformations ever! He’s not a very convincing dinosaur. Rawr.

The arms actually fit together if you want to make a snake dragon out of it, interestingly enough.


Megatron is back, and sporting a more classic look than his Last Knight appearance. He has some decent articulation, and a fairly, um, “unique” transformation.


Wait, what? This is a transformation? It makes less sense than Shockwave’s! Strangely Megatron’s torso has a hug, weird hinge that isn’t used at all.


Well, you can use it to kind of fudge a different tank-thing, I guess.


Next up is Swoop, another Dinobot! You can kind of see his knight-motif in robot form. But what about his transformation?

Okay, I take back what I said, this is the laziest transformation of them all. You don’t even hid his face, you just hope nobody notices it!


Dragonstorm may look a little messy, but he’s got an interesting transformation going on.

If you look from the other side, you’ll see a lot of kibble, but the transformation is pretty decent for a Tiny Turbo Changer!


Ratchet is a repaint, and more movie-accurate in gray than he was in yellow.


You know, I liked him more in neon yellow.


Grimlock is another repaint, and you know, I had to check to see if it glows in the dark. It does not.


I don’t know why he’s the same color as pineapple soda, as it relates to nothing that I can think of, but it’s cool to have another Grimlock, I guess.


Dropkick is one of the main bad guys in the new movie, and a triple-changer! So naturally, they repainted Cogman for his car form.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Dunno how much it resembles Dropkick for real.


Dropkick (helicopter) is a repaint of Blackout/Chopter in this sculpt’s third appearance.

Again, I have no idea how accurate this is.


Shatter is a brand-new character, a rare female Decepticon, and one of the movie’s main villains. So naturally, the figure is just a repaint of Series 3’s Barricade.


Seriously, that’s all it is.


Soundwave is a repaint, and now purple.

Yeah, that’s about it.


And finally, Optimus Prime is the same old sculpt, but now in G1 colors! And fewer paint apps in general, at that.

Well, at least the new design is a classic throwback, right?


Well, there you go. Series 4 is a lot like Series 3 in its general makeup – you’ve got some new figures and some creative transformations, but a ton of repaints and some rather questionable decisions. I like Scorn and Megatron, but some of the characters from the new movie are rather shaky repaints. Still, at least we finally got a new Bumblebee!

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