Your Daily Nerd Thing: Godzilla King of Monsters Trailers

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing. Today we are going to talk about Godzilla. The King of Monsters has been around for a long time. He has been the star of over 30 movies. And soon he will come back to the screen for the sequel to a Hollywood made film. Back in the 1990’s Hollywood tried to make a Godzilla movie and it was flawed to say the least. The more recent version was much more successful. This new movie will see Godzilla joined by longtime foe King Ghidora and longtime frenemies Mothra and Rodan.

Godzilla had been near and dear to my heart since I was a child. Godzilla and his giant monster cohorts means so much to me that the first trailer for King of Monsters still gets me a little teared up every time I watch it.

A second trailer came out this week and it goes in a very different direction highlighting more of the monster battle action and giving a slightly better look at the kaiju. Also it gives the impression things are going to go very bad for humanity this time around.

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