Your Daily Nerd Thing: A Closer Look at Huntress in Birds of Prey

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing. Earlier this week the first teaser for the Birds of Prey movie was released and we got our first glimpse of the cast in costume. I wanted to take a closer look at The Huntress. Also its really cold in the Chicago area today so I am staying indoors and have extra time.


We only see Mary Elizabeth Winstead in full costume as The Huntress for a split second so it is hard to get a decent screenshot. But we can see she has some of the character’s signature weapons. They are clearly going for a less overtly superheroish look. Most of the cast look like they would fit right into any of the CW channel DC comic shows.


We get a nice look at the character in this shot as well. As you can see The Huntress will have a bare midriff. Crop tops and exposed stomachs are a pretty old staple of comic book costume designs. I’m not sure if I have said this before but I am a fan of them. I know they don’t always make it into live action but I enjoy it when they do. The Huntress however presents a different sort of issue I have wanted to get into.

Like most superheroes The Huntress has had many different costumes over the years. To give you a better look here are some statues that Sideshow Collectibles made of the Huntress.


For a long time this was the Huntress most recognizable costume design. For some of us it is still what comes to mind when we think of her. But some years ago DC decided to give her a redesign that also has a collectible statue.


This design was much more revealing and at least in part probably influenced the movie outfit. As I said I enjoy costumes that include a bare midriff. However this costume is not the same thing as a crop top. This costume has a stomach window and for some reason that just look wrong to me. I know it does not make sense. I enjoy looking at toned bare abs as much as anyone but I prefer it when they are part of a two piece outfit. When I see a one piece costume with a hole in the abdomen like this some part of my brain just screams NO. I have no idea why. Like I said its dangerously cold in Chicagoland today so I am stuck in the house with my thoughts and this one occupied me above all others. I hope you all enjoyed Your Daily Nerd Thing. We will be back with something else tomorrow and you won’t have to listen to me talk about women in crop tops anymore.

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