Comic Book Storytelling: X-Man Ruins Everything

Welcome back to Comic Book Storytelling. I meant to get this article out sooner but then I got sick and lost internet service for a few days. So that happened. Comic book day is tomorrow but before that I wanted to get some words out on what has been happening in a few titles.


I bet you thought we were going to talk about the X-Man first and what he is up to. We will get to that but first lets talk about West Coast Avengers again.

The team went up against the West Coast Masters of Evil. This version of the villain team is being led by Madame Masque and also features M.O.D.O.K. looking for revenge against Kate Bishop and the others. The rest are a collection of lesser known and often barely remembered villains, like Lady Bullseye. I had forgotten there was a Lady Bullseye but then there she was and I was like “oh yeah, she is a character that exists”. Anyway they survived the fight but the West Coast Masters of Evil got away and then one of their members turns out to be Kate’s dad. I did not know Kate had an evil dad but I can roll with this development.

But more importantly Noh-Varr AKA Marvel Boy is back. I know he was part of the Young Avengers once and he and Kate were dating. When Kate was dating Fuse I assumed that Marvel Boy was either dead or went to another planet or… actually there are a lot of possibilities in comics and you are either willing to roll with them or not. At some point Kate broke up with him and now he is back  and hanging out with the team. Also Gwenpool now has a pet land-shark puppy.


Okay now lets talk about what has been happening in Uncanny X-Men. Last time we covered this Nate Grey the X-Man was using his Horsemen of Salvation to save the world from its self.

It turns out Nate Grey is dying and he decided that means he gets to impose his version of utopia on everyone. Archangel helped the X-Men get to Nate’s incredibly pretentious and self indulgent stronghold where there was a big fight. We saw proof that Nate was forcing people to be his horsemen against their will when he took control of Storm. At least Apocalypse gets people to be his horsemen by promising them power, Nate is just straight up mind controlling people into serving him. The X-students showed up with Legion and there was more fighting. Legion temporarily tricked Nate into thinking he was trapped in the Age of Apocalypse again but it did not last. The X-Man took control of Legion and seemingly used his power to destroy them all. So the last issue of Uncanny X-Men ended on the cliffhanger that the world thinks the X-Men are all dead.

Then in the Uncanny X-Men annual Cyclops is alive again. More so than any other kind of comic book character X-Men characters never stay dead. A younger version of Cable has been popping up recently, he actually killed the older version of Cable we are used to. New hot young Cable hopped around time setting things up so his dad Cyclops could be brought back to life for some reason. The plan is successful but there is a twist. Cable wants to make sure Cyclops is not going to go back to being a dick.

Years ago Cyclops saved the life of an engineering student from a mad scientist. Cable enlisted that engineer to help prepare the technology needed to bring Cyclops back from the dead. Cable brought his dad back the day X-Man is fighting the X-Men. And that same day that mad scientist is free and goes to get revenge on the engineer. So Cyclops has to choose between helping the other X-Men and saving the life of the guy who just saved him. Cyclops does the heroic thing and rescues the engineer and his family while elsewhere the X-Men lose their battle with Nate Grey. Afterwards Cyclops and Cable are not at all convinced that the X-Men are really dead. And in Age of X-Man Alpha we see they are right.


In this special we see what Nate Grey did to the X-Men. Nate was under the impression that the X-Men are responsible for their own oppression because they fight against it. So he put them in a parallel reality. Its like what happened with House of M only instead of changing the world he made a side world and dropped the X-Men in it. Right from the start there is something off about this Age of X-Man utopia. No one wants to talk about or even think about the past. And there are lots of little clues that something is just not right about this world. We learn that love and other emotions are outlawed and anyone who experiences them is not just arrested but erased from memory. But at the end of the issue we see that Apocalypse has made it to this world and is spreading propaganda promoting love.

It has been a long time since I really followed any comic book event especially an X-Men event but I think I will be following Age of X-Man. I will keep up with it because Nate Grey’s solutions are all stupid and I really want to see it all blow up in his face. At this point Nate Grey should change his codename to Ignorant-Entitled-White-X-Man and I have no doubt he will completely ruin everything he is trying to build and blame everyone but himself for it.

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