Your Daily Nerd Thing: I took apart a Mythic Legions figure

Today we have a very special Daily Nerd Thing for you all.  We leave most action figure related things to our friend and fellow Nerditis writer Ridureyu. But today I had to share some action figure nerdiness of my own.

Mythic Legions are a series of original action figures designed by the artists of Four Horsemen Studios. They come from the fantasy world of Mythoss and each character has a biography but all that is really just a jumping off point for the collectors imagination to run with. The Mythic Legions differ from other action figure lines because they are designed with customization in mind. Each figure body type can be disassembled and their parts swapped. There is an active customization community that has produced lot of interesting pieces. But there is not much in terms of guides. I found images of the male body types taken apart but none for the female.

First lets take a look at an assembled figure.


Here we have the female barbarian warrior legion builder.


And here is what she looks like disassembled. Many of the figures have extra heads so it was one of the easiest parts to take off. I was a little surprised by how easily the arms popped out of the sockets. Separating the torso from the legs is not hard with a little twising.


Separating the chest piece from the stomach piece took a bit more effort but it can be done and the parts interchanged between figures.


The most difficult part was getting the legs pieces apart. I had to use a rubber hand grip to grab the thigh piece and I had to grip the shin piece with a cloth to keep it from painfully poking my fingers. I had enough difficulty with the legs that I decided not to even attempt taking apart the arms any further.

My first attempt at customization was pretty simple. Here are some before and after images.


Here is what the Gwendolynne Heavensbrand figure looks like normally.


And here she is with her alternate head. As you can see I swapped out her midsection turning her normally full body armor into a two piece. I may attempt something more ambitious in the future. I have asked some customizers what kind of paint they use and I will likely take a trip to the art store soon.

Thank you all for joining me. We will be back next week with plenty of new Nerd Things.

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