Life In Plastic: Butt Heads


Well, it’s finally come to this.  Butts.  Butts butts butts butts.  Butt Heads are about 6″ tall, have articulation in the arms, and are filled with electronics.  Supposedly they each have over twenty prerecorded noises they can make, there is a rock-paper-scissors fart game attached, and they even come with trading cards.  I have bought exactly, precisely two of the four figures currently available.  But my written commentary is insufficient, you can see all of my thoughts in the following Youtube video.


Yeah.  That happened.


Here’s a closer look at the two figures.  No commentary needed at this point.


The trading card did not just smell like flatulence, it smelled like something had died, rotted, and then all the gasses within its body were funneled through a rusted metal tube and into my face. The card that came with The Grim ripper was similar, only with more of a rotten-fungus-rubber undertone.

It’s awful.


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