C2E2 2019

C2E2 2019 occurred in Chicago, Illinois again this year. I was there and now I am here to tell you about it. I am a little late getting this done but at least I am remembering to do it at all this year.


First of all they had all new giant number and letters. Everyone knows you are not supposed to touch them but last year someone did anyway and knocked over and damaged the giant letter E. This year the new numbers and letters look a bit sturdier and even have base boards to stand on to make them harder to knock over.


There were plenty of good costumes on the show floor, so many that there never seems to be time to get good pictures of all of them but I did my best.





There were also a lot of good panels and events to attend this year. In fact there were so many good ones that it was impossible to attend one without missing out on others. Two of my favorite panels happened on the same day. Once again this year Clare Kramer was there to host many of the more high profile guest panels.


Amy Jo Johnson, the original Pink Power Ranger, was at C2E2 and she was delightful. Many fans talked about how much they were inspired by Kimberly on Power Rangers and Amy Jo Johnson was incredibly gracious.

Later that day there was going to be an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel with Ming Na-Wen and Clark Gregg. Unfortunately Clark Gregg could not make it to this particular panel. But to make sure I got a seat I went in early towards the end of the previous panel and it turned out to be a collection of the voice actors from Animaniacs. They were great and at the end the audience got to see a live performance of the Yakko Warner’s World Song. I would embed a clip from instagram but instagram embedded links are not very cooperative.


Even thought Clark Gregg could not make it we still got to see Ming Na-Wen and she was great. She talked about everything from Mulan to Agent Mei but not much about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 6 because they are still keeping that a secret.

Of course I did not just go to TV celebrity panels. I also attended many comic book panels, mostly ones about making your own comics. They are always informative and even if they often say the same things it is useful to hear it again and again. But it occurred to me that someone should really to a panel or workshop on how to do your taxes as an independent comic book creator and freelancer. Now that would be informative and helpful.

I spent a good amount of time at artists alley checking out the sights. I managed to get a few really nice prints. And of course I had to check in with the one and only Dirk Manning.


For those of you not familiar with him Dirk Manning is an independent comic professional known for making a number of horror series and other comics. He is a pretty cool guy and by far one of the most approachable people you will meet in any Artist Alley.

There is not much more I can say about C2E2 this year. In past years I took extensive notes of everything and went into greater detail but I always ended up stressing myself out doing that. Lately I have just been trying to enjoy the show and absorb information that will help me with my own independent comic work.

They already have dates for next years C2E2 and it is happening at the end of February, the earliest the show has ever been. Maybe someone was late booking the convention hall. Anyway stay tuned to Nerditis for other features like Daily Nerd Things, Comic Book Storytelling, Life in Plastic, and more.


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