Your Daily Nerd Thing: Mythic Legions Wasteland

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing where every weekday we bring you a different nerdy thing we found on the internet. I was out of town last week so I apologize for the lack of Nerd Things. But now we are back and there is one nerd thing that popped up that must be shared.

Mythic Legions is a line of original fantasy action figures from Four Horsemen Studios. There have been a few waves of figures since the line began and recently they announced the latest one Wasteland.


So far there have only been two figure reveals so we don’t know exactly how big this set will be. The original line had a lot of figures and so did the second Advent of Decay. However the Soul Spiller and Siege of Bjorngar had far fewer figures. Anyway lets have a look at the figures themselves.


First they are giving us another barbarian lady Cassia. Now you may be asking why she is even bothering with a helmet when most of her body is bare. And I doubt you will get an answer. It is still a nice looking figure and I suspect she will have an alternate non-helmeted head and I hope we get a preview of that too.


And the other figure is a new goblin named Tumpp. He looks like he will be a good addition to the existing goblin armies of the series.

There will probably be a few more reveals before the first pre-orders that will actually be starting this Friday April 26th on the Four Horsemen Studios store website.

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