Comic Book Storytelling: WCA, MR&MRS X, and That Heroes In Crisis Reveal

Welcome back to Comic Book Storytelling. Yes I am still reading comic books and talking about them here. I am going to wait at least another week before going into Age of X-Man again but I still have an X-title to talk about along with West Coast Avengers latest story arc and yes Heroes in Crisis.


In the previous arc the West Coast Avengers fought the Masters of Evil and we learned that Kate Bishop’s dad is one of them. Well in this story we learn that Kate’s mom is a vampire. I have no idea when this happened because I know nothing about Kate’s family background. Anyway this vampire cult thought America Chavez was their savior for some reason and kidnapped her. The team saved her and in the process we learned that Fuse’s sister Ramone also has powers. Also they visited the Shrimp Dimension briefly. And apparently all of Kate Bishop’s boyfriends are bisexual. I did not find this story that interesting when it started it picked up and I thought it ended on a pretty good note. I think they are trying to make Quentin Quire and Gwenpool a better couple. Well I am still a fan of Gwen but I am no less ambivalent about Quire. Jeff the baby land shark is still a delight in every panel he is in.


I may be saving Age of X-Man for later I can still talk about another X-series. In the pages of Mr. and Mrs. X Rogue and Gambit were kidnapped by Mojo to stat in one of his Mojoworld shows. But Mojo did not know that Rogue’s powers were out of control so Gambit kept dying every time they kissed and he had to reset the media reality. Spiral the six-armed sword wielding henchwoman broke them out so she could get her heart back. I don’t think this is the first time Spiral has betrayed Mojo or the first time she went back to working for him and then betrayed him again.

In issue 9 Rogue goes on a vision quest through her memories and comes to the revelation that fear has always been with her and holding her back from ever fully controlling her powers. After overcoming that fear it seems she can now use her absorbing power at will for the first time. In issue 10 they fight Mojo and make it back to Earth. This is when we learn that all the Age of X-Man stuff happened while they were on Mojoworld so they are not affected so far. But then Rogue gets a call from Carol Danvers of all people and has to leave. Meanwhile Gambit gets a visit from his dad so I assume some Thieves Guild shenanigans are about to go down.


Okay now lets talk about Heroes in Crisis. I gave up on this series early. It has the same problem as Doomsday Clock, it feels like it belongs in a past era of comics that the people running DC are stuck in while the rest of us are quickly moving beyond it.

So SPOILERS ahead if you have not seen the latest issue of Heroes in Crisis.

The big reveal is that Wally West basically had a nervous breakdown during his Sanctuary therapy and accidentally killed everyone. Then he framed Harley Quinn and Booster Gold for it and time travel killed himself.

Heroes in Crisis was sold as this story exploring trauma and recovery. And then it falls into the stupid and terrible trope of a traumatized person struggling with mental illness losing control and causing a massacre. I never trusted anyone at DC comics to handle this subject with any care or nuance to begin with so I dropped the series after the first issue. I am only talking about it again because I feel this is too big of a thing for me to ignore. I am all about good storytelling. But sometimes we have to look at bad storytelling too so we can learn from its mistakes. A lot of people are going to be talking about this and I think many of them will be able to articulate their points better than I can right now. There is one good thing that will come out of this series. It is a single page that perfectly captures how many of us feel about this series right now. Check it out.


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