Comic Book Storytelling: Red Sonja and Vampirella meet Betty and Veronica

It is time for more Comic Book Storytelling. A series came out this week that I almost let slip past me. Thanks to my local comic shop I did not miss it. It is a series I must talk about, Red Sonja and Vampirella meet Betty and Veronica.

Vampirella Betty Veronica Cover F

You know the characters. Betty and Veronica are the two leading ladies of the Archie Comics world. Red Sonja is the she devil with a sword, an ancient Hyborian Age warrior known for her fiery red hair and chain mail bikini outfit. Vampirella is a vampire from space, well she started out as a space vampire but a number of different publishers have given her origin revisions over the years.


Archie Comics has been doing crossover specials like this with other publishers for a few years now. We have seen the likes of Archie vs Predator and Archie vs Sharknado. Long ago they even did Archie vs the Punisher. But there are not as many that focus on the pair of Betty and Veronica encountering characters from other worlds. There was a Betty and Veronica meet Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn not that long ago. Now this series shall add to the crossover list.


So what actually happens in the page of the first issue? Well Red Sonja and Vampirella  are chasing some enemy across worlds and have ended up in Riverdale of all places. While investigating a murder they run into Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge who are doing a story for a school paper. Betty and Veronica are pretty chill about meeting two scantily clad heroes from another dimension. They volunteer to help in the investigation and get them some modern clothes so they can blend at Riverdale High. When faced with the fact that Sonja and Vampirella do not exactly look high school aged Veronica’s solution is to say the new girls are from Europe. Over the course of the issue Red Sonja joins the football team, she is an over six foot warrior, and Vampirella joins the cheerleaders. However at the end of the issue the football coach becomes the latest victim of the chaos cult our heroes are hunting. I am looking forward to rest of this series and will say more as new issues come out.


And before we go lets check in on the X-Men titles. You may have heard about the controversy over the death of Rahne Sinclair, Wolfsbane. There have been a lot of takes on it and I think they covered it better than I could. If you want to know more I recommend checking out The Mary Sue or io9.


There have been two revelations recently in the Age of X-Man. In the most recent issue of Uncanny X-Men we learned that Emma Frost has been erased from everyone’s memory. All of the missing X-Men in Nate Grey’s personal utopia may be gone but everyone remembers their existence. But when one character notes that Emma’s name is not on the list of lost friends everyone else asks who that is. We will probably find out what the deal is soon.

Meanwhile in the Age of X-Man itself the most interesting things are happening in the Prisoner X series. Bishop was sent to a special prison for people who still have echoes of their memories before the Age began. He keeps having conversations with people who are not there, people he should not be able to remember. At the end of issue 3 we find out who actually runs the prison. It turns out its Legion. For some reason the guy that tried to warn everyone about what Nate Grey was up to and made the greatest effort to stop him is now helping him keep all of his undesirables locked away. How did the X-Man get Legion on his side? We’ll have to keep reading to find out.

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