Your Daily Nerd Thing: JJ Abrams Spider-Man Comic Book

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing where every weekday we bring you a different nerdy thing we found on the internet. For the last few days Marvel has been counting down using a series of spider web number images. At first people speculated that for some reason there was going to be a continuation of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films story but that was quickly debunked.


The real announcement is here and it is about a new Spider-Man comic. This new series will be written by J.J. Abrams the well known film and television director and producer. He will be working alongside his son Henry Abrams. But the series is not just about Spider-Man, it will also feature Mary Jane Watson. Last I checked their marriage was still erased from history by the devil. While they are still together with a teenage daughter in the alternate universe Renew Your Vows series, they have not been romantically linked in the main Marvel Universe for some time. Unless they got back together recently and I did not here about it. To be honest I have not read a Spider-Man comic since One More Day. But I will come back for this if the story is worth it.

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