A Legion Recap

That last time I did a TV show recap was the last season of NBC’s Hannibal. Ever since I have considered recapping other shows but I never quite found the right one. I almost started doing recaps of the final season of iZombie but I did not feel very strongly about the first two episodes. I think the season really got going with the salsa dancing episode but by then it was far enough along it felt too late to get into it.

But now the final season of Legion has started and I think I shall get back into the TV recap game. But the game has changed. Back when I started doing Hannibal recaps, during its second season, no one else was really covering the show like that. When Hannibal season 3 rolled around lots of other sites started doing recaps. Legion is a very popular show so basically every site is going to be covering every episode. So why get back into it at all? Because I feel like I can this time, that is all.


The episode begins not with any of the characters we are familiar with but with a new girl. She is a student with a distant father who only interacts with her briefly every morning via video chat. She begins getting strange messages that are obviously from David sending out signals looking for time traveling mutants. After following an assortment of  clues and seeing a quick musical number she finds her way to the trippy house David is hiding out in. She meets a few of the residents including Lenny who is now more or less the high priestess of David’s new little world.


Eventually Switch finally gets an audience with David himself who on the surface seems like he is in a better place than he was last season but that veneer does not last long. Soon David’s former friends are besieging the house and things get very violent. But with Switch’s time traveling power we are able to see it play out more than once. A lot is revealed in these playthroughs of the siege.

Once the violence starts David’s aura of peace and harmony drops in favor of brutality. The impression I get is that there are no good guys or bad guys in this story anymore, just a bunch of assholes trying to murder each other. David brutally kills Kerry and her accompanying troops twice and is in turn murdered twice himself by Syd, his former love.

During one of Switch’s time jumps back she is briefly detained by the Shadow King in the Astral Place. (I swear that sentence makes complete sense in the context of the show.) The Shadow King wants to know why Switch is helping David. Even after seeing David’s capacity for unrepentant murder she says she is going to follow him. As she puts it, David is a man and the Shadow King is a robot. There is a whole thing about her father collecting robots earlier and I suspect this will be elaborated on as the season progresses.

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