Your Daily Nerd Thing: Rise of Azshara

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing. Patch 8.2 is now live.

Battle for Azeroth has not exactly been a success story for Blizzard. There has been a long list of complaints since it launched. The stories have been less than inspiring. I could go on… and I will later.

Many have held out hope that Patch 8.2 The Rise of Azshara will save this expansion from itself. Here is a look at the features trailer.

Players will get two new zones to adventure in. Nazjatar is the pain storyline zone while Mechagon is something of a gameplay experiment. The opening cinematic for Nazjatar just popped up online.

A lot of players who took a break from World of Warcraft are expected to return for this content. I am not sure if I will be one of them. I took a break from WoW but then activated my account again too early to get in on 8.2 and I think I might stay away a little longer.

The biggest problem with Battle for Azeroth is that they tried to make the B plot into an A plot and it has not been working. The conflict between the Horde and the Alliance was always a subplot no matter what the expansions were about. And while it is an important part of the lore it is not enough to make a full expansion story without retreading too much old material and diminishing the player role. In previous expansion players were made to feel like heroes. In this expansion we were turned into lackeys for a bunch of corrupt or incompetent faction leaders.

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