On Legion Everyone is Barley Keeping it Together

Last week introduced us to the new status quo for Legion. David is in charge of a commune house where people get high on the blue liquid he psychokinetically produces. Lenny is his “Majordomo” as she puts it. He now has a time traveling mutant called Switch on his side. And all of Davids old friends and enemies at Division are trying to kill him.

David tried to present a front of peace and harmony when he was introduced to Switch but right from the beginning of episode two we see that David is barely keeping it together and so is everyone else.


Lenny may command some authority in David’s house as his right hand woman but she is still very insecure. She tries assert that she is above Switch in the power structure of the house but soon after we see David casually influence Lenny’s mind treating her like just another minion.

It turns out David wants a time traveler not just to keep him safe from Division but so he can travel back in time himself and change things. However at the moment Switch is not capable of taking people through time with her. David does his best to hide his frustration but just barely manages. We don’t know exactly what David wants to change but he mentions saving lives starting with his own. Perhaps he thinks he can go back and prevent the Shadow King from ever invading his mind. Speaking of the Shadow King the folks at Division sure are easily palling around with a guy who was and still may be a casually unrepentant manipulator and murderer.

While their raid was undone by time travel, Division did manage to capture the house chemist Squirrel. But Squirrel already seems to be going through withdrawal without David’s blue psychic juice and is not helpful. So they let him go hoping to follow him back to the house.


Meanwhile David manages to telepathically communicate with Syd. Once again he tries to put up a peaceful facade but it slowly falls apart as their conversation continues. David keeps talking about saving lives but he has still not let go of the idea that he can fix things with Syd. Syd does not give David an inch calling him out on his selfishness. As David grows more upset his blue psychic drugs start to turn red and have a much more aggressive effect on those taking them.

Elsewhere Lenny does show up in a van to pick up Squirrel. Division is following and they end up at an empty barn. In the woods nearby Lenny and her crew of knife wielding girls have a mad tea party complete with Lenny in a top hat. Squirrel is still too deep in withdrawal to tell them anything about Division but that is okay because this is all a trap. Squirrel is given some of David’s red liquid and goes into a little berserker rage. Lenny’s knife girls are easily captured in a net. But the real goal was to kidnap Cary Loudermilk. Of the Loudermilk pair Cary is the guy who does the science and David wants to use him to expand Switch’s powers.

Cary wakes up in David’s house and when a girl brings him food he does a quick Bugs Bunny routine with her then escapes the room he was held in. He makes his way through the house trying not to be noticed. But he notices the giant pig. I did not mention that last recap. There is a giant pig in the house the drinks the blue psychic drugs and excretes it in vapor from its teats. I have no idea if that is going to be explained or will just be a weird thing we have to roll with.

Anyway Cary wanders into David’s private cavern chamber. Cary does make an attempt to appeal to David as a friend however briefly before the drug fueled psychic brainwashing begins. Cary has a surreal trip through his memories with Kerry that are overtaken by David. When it is over Cary is enthusiastic about helping Switch expand her powers so David can “save the world”. From what, we don’t know yet.

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