Your Daily Nerd Thing: Saviors of Uldum

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing where every weekday we bring you a different nerdy thing we found on the internet. Blizzard’s online card game Hearthstone is already getting another expansion. It seems like Rastakhan’s Rumble and Rise of Shadows are still pretty fresh but they are determined to keep pumping out content to keep people engaged. The new expansion is Saviors of Uldum and will have some characters from past card sets returning to defend the Egyptian inspired zone from the League of E.V.I.L. from the Dalaran Heist.

Its nice to see Quests make a comeback after Journey to Un’goro and the new Reborn keyword should add something to the gameplay. I have to say I am not so sure about this music in the cinematic. I get that they are going for a “I Need A Hero” tribute but they are just kind of butchering the tune.

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