Life In Plastic: Treasure X Aliens


I was going to do a review of the Treasure X Mini-Beasts… months ago. My bad! I may still upload a galllery soon, though. But in the meantime, we’ve got ALIENS! Treasure X Aliens is a new sub-series – meant as sort of a stepping stone between the extensive Series 2 and the upcoming Series 3 (Treasure X: Kings’ Gold). And hese ones are pretty experimental – they aren’t all skeletons, the method of digging them out is unique, and… well hey, let’s look at a video to see what I mean!


Yeah, seriously. I normally hate slime, but this stuff? It’s manageable, and I’ve even used it as a prop in some toy photos. And the other good news is, the contents are color-coded. As of this writing, I am only five short of a full set! So if you find a display, you won’t have very many worries about even distribution. But let’s have a look!


The Gizmuck Alien is probably the most chill of the group. He’s the one you want for the bounty hunters, two of the gas guys, and one of the glow characters.


The Volgunk Alien gives you the knights and miners, which is an even set of two factions.


The Oozagol Alien provides you with the sea creatures, two of the glow guys, and nukloud, which makes it the most desirable alien for most collectors. And now on to the figures!


General G-Force contains more pieces than most Treasure X figures, thanks to his wings. Noticeably, he has rocket boosters instead of legs – those are clouds of exhaust pushing him up from the ground. Literal thunder thighs? He comes with the Egg of Evolution, which is a tiny alien face encased in a gold egg (with a handle).


Officer Orbit, with his giant gun, is supposed to have a visor over his face, but his eyes are painted on the plate, instead. He also carries an “Atomic Compass” as a treasure. Of the thtee glow guys, he is the only figure available with the green alien, not blue.


Sergeant Stun is carrying a tiny, tiny space station in his hands! The alien treasures are weird.


Nukloud is the only member of the gas faction I currently own, and is possibly my favorite figure of the line. Seriously, just LOOK at him! He’s easily the most creative of all the Treasure X figures, his gun is a gas mask, and his treasure is a skull and brain mounted on a bit of spinal cord!


Gravigill is your basic fishman, wielding a strange lightsaber/club weapon, and holding the Alien Overlord treasure, which apepars to be a bust of said overlord. Nte that the figures no longer have a “treasure hand,” and instead must clutch their treasures just like the accessories.


Hammertron is quite fantastic, and my favorite of the sea creatures. His weapon is a claw, and he does not have a right hand – just a peg. His treasure, the Jar of Mystery, has a head shaped like an alien grey.


It’s hard to see from here, but Octaslop has small tentacles on his back. He also has a drill for a hand, as well as the “Fusion Fish,” which isn’t easy for him to carry.


Lord Vislott is a three-eyed alien knight with a really creative and large weapon. He holds the Eye of Infinity, which is sorta like an All-Seeing Eye.


Sir Head Butt has a face on his groin. Well, technically his butt is part of his second head. His Galactic Gold is just an ingot with some designs on it.


Nicpick has four arms and an upside-down face, just like that kid from Family Guy! His treasure is the Alien Idol, which is too small and the wrong color to show up well in a photo, which is too bad since it is quite impressive.


See? It’s like a multi-armed little alien Buddha.


Gordrilla’s weapon looks like a sunfflower. He comes with the “Rings of Saturn.” I posed him with all those little parasite bugs for some variety.


Trackar is pretty unique, since he’s shaped like a worm! He also has a large PDA rather than a weapon, and his treasure is the Cosmic cash – stacks of bills and coins.


Heister is more “Normal,” though notably his Wanted Poster treasure has a picture of Trackar on it!

Well, it is a shame that I haven’t finished the whole series in time for this review, as the remaining figurs do look creative (especially the gas dudes). But I am quite impressed with Moose’s reativity in continuing the line. The main figures of Series 1 and 2, despite some quirks, were still essentially the same. But now we’re seein the line branch out! It’s a pretty good deal, and one hopes that they will get even better in upcoming lines!

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  1. Thanks a lot for this review dude. I really want to get the 3 rares and super rares so i’m glad you posted this. I appreciate it😊

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