The End of iZombie

After five seasons the CW show iZombie has ended. Based on a comic book by Chris Robertson and Mike Allred the television show followed the adventures of Liv Moore as she helped solve crimes in Seattle using her zombie powers.


The show diverged from the comic quite a lot but kept the basic premise. In this world zombies need to eat brains to retain their humanity and when they eat a brain they absorb the knowledge, skills, and memories of the person it came from. Liv would eat the brains of murder victims and use the skills and memories she gained to help solve the case. While the comic delved into a lot more supernatural territory the show kept everything grounded in some form of science.

For the most part the show did have a case of the week format but there was an overall story that was touched on from episode to episode. Ravi was always looking for a cure to zombieism. There were various corporate conspiracies. Blaine and Don E were always up to some new criminal scheme. The final season of iZombie had a lot of things to resolve and I think it did a pretty good job. Plus it gave us Liv and Ravi salsa dancing.


The final season began with Seattle still walled off from the rest of the world with various pro and anti zombie conspiracy at play. By the time the finale rolled around they were all coming to a head. Liv was reunited with her dad only to learn he was the father of all zombies and the leader of a zombie supremacist group, he then had a last minute change of heart that cost him his life leaving french detective Enzo as one of the final villains. Meanwhile the anti-zombie Dead Enders were rampaging through the streets. And amidst all of this Ravi finally created a cure for zombies but needed a way to show it to everyone.

Perhaps the most satisfying moment of the finale was the final comeuppance some of the shows bad guys received. Blaine has been Liv’s main adversary in one way or another since the show started and Don E was always at his side. They have both flirted with being good guys but when it comes down to it they were not interested in being redeemed. Neither of them did anything to earn the happiness they craved, they were always trying to take it instead. In the end Don E turned on Blaine and now they will spend the rest of their existence trapped at the bottom of a well together.

After following others on the zombie supremacy train, Enzo finally made a play to be in charge of it all. His time at the top was short lived. First Ravi made him human again using him as proof of the cure. And then Enzo was killed in an act of revenge for not keeping his word to spare one of his hostages a few episodes earlier. Instead of being taken down by one of his enemies Enzo was killed by someone he personally betrayed.


The finale actually ends with a Ten Year Later epilogue and I think it works pretty well. We see that Clive and Dale have both become police captains. Ravi and Peyton are still together and now respectively running the CDC and working as a District Attorney. They meet in a “virtual cast” to talk about the battle for Seattle. We learn that not everything was perfectly resolved but that makes sense. Not all of the Dead Enders were caught and some remain on the fringes. Liv and Major are presumed dead but legends persist about them both. Not all zombies elected to be cured and some people even continued to become zombies.

Of course we learn that Liv and Major did survive and now live on a zombie island with the orphan zombie kids they were protecting. Also they imply that zombies are effectively immortal which is something they show was kind of vague on before but I guess I can roll with it. The shows core cast of friends may be far away from each other but they will always be connected and there is still a standing offer if anyone wants to become a zombie.

iZombie gave us five seasons of good television and characters we will remember. Plus it gave us great salsa dancing costumes.


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