Life In Plastic: Treasure: X King’s Gold


Well, that was quick. Treasure X: King’s Gold has just hit shelves… so yeah, here’s a video and a small review! I’ve only picked up a few figures (one more than what was in the video), but it’s certainly more than enough to go from!


The gimmick with King’s Gold is… gimmicks. Plural. Each faction now has a “King.” Various kings have different things going, like glowing eyes or LED lights or whatnot. Instead of ordinary treasures, you get emblems that plug into their shields. The beasts use those same meblems in their amulets. The treasure chest requires a key to open, and can launch a spring-loaded “trap” (tiny bug) at you. Also, the method of digging out the figure is completely different now, and rather viscerally satisfying. Did you get all that? Good, let’s look at four regular figures and two giant Beasts!


King Flare may be my favorite figure so far, though his puffy cloud shield looks silly. His emblem is “The Eternal Flame,” and his weapon could be a flaming scepter, or a bigger key.


Exis is my other favorite. Damn, look at him! He’s made of smoky dark plastic, has a cool sword, his shield emblem is the Eye of Greed, and he’s got a special feature – light-up LED lights in his head!


If only this were a switch that could stay on rather than requiring constant pressure. But it’s still a great effect, even if you can clearly see the lightbulbs behind his eyes.


There are a few returning characters from Series 1, though to be honest Pharaoh Loot Loot could have had a nw name, and we would have been none the wiser. He’s got Super SPeed, which looks like a blue jewelled snake head.


Thunder Lord is clearly meant to be Thor, though he has an eye scar worthy of Odin, and that’s a gold storm cloud, not a hammer. The Thunder Blaster emblem is a blue bolt of lightning.


Bling Bones is a gigantic skeletal bull… and you know, part of me wonders if I can find a blue shaggy bull in scale, and customize a Castlevania Behemoth. The BEasts al have jaws that can open and close, and this guy’s emblem is The Unstoppable Bodyslam. He’s part of the wrestlers faction.


Shadowburn, who is made of the same material as Exis (no light-up eyes, though) and has the same emblem, is a big shadow dragon. He is mostly identical to the Series 2 Dragons, though he feels a little chunkier (Bling Bones was definitely more solid). It’s too bad that I didn’t get any of the really unique Beasts, like the sea serpent, but this still has a nice thematic look, though!

Well, that’s all I have for now, though you can guarantee that thse figures will soon be popping up all over the place! I really like the creativity, though there seem to be more “ordinary skeletons” than in the Aliens series. Still, when you have figures like King Flare or Exis, there’s a lot to look forward to!

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