Your Daily Nerd Thing: The Fourth War is Over

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing. Battle for Azeroth has not been the best expansion for World of Warcraft. From the story to the new game mechanics, it has managed to disappoint everyone at some point or another. In fact it has been so disappointing that Blizzard seems to be pushing the story to an early conclusion so they can get to the next expansion and be done with this one. Blizzard has taken a lot of hits and generally made questionable decisions recently. But I think its best to put Battle for Azeroth in an early grave. The rumors around the possible next expansion already sound light years ahead of anything BFA had to offer.

But it did give us some nice looking cinematics. To finish off the Battle for Azeroth war campaign they came out with one more. Be advised this contains SPOILERS for how the quest storyline ends.

I am not a fan of Sylvanas Windrunner. I think the way Blizzard has been writing her and the Battle for Azeroth story has been lacking. They seem to be trying to take her down a peg but also not knock her off the pedestal they placed her on. Time will tell how that works out. But I do find this cinematic satisfying. Rather than taking Sylvanas down in battle her facade finally cracks. The moment she says, “The Horde is nothing.” it does not matter if she wins the fight or not. She has lost everything else that matters with those words.

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