Your Daily Nerd Thing: Steven Universe Future

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing where every weekday we bring you a different nerdy thing we found on the internet. New York City Comicon is happening this weekend so a lot of things are popping up as they are announced.

Steven Universe is getting one last season in the form of Steven Universe Future.

Steven Universe the Movie could have been the end of the series. Even the Change Your Mind special could have been the end. But they have said there was more Steven Universe story to tell and we are getting it.

At first everything looks pretty nice in the intro. Steven and all the gems are singing along, even with the Diamonds and a much friendlier looking Spinel. But then we get a glimpse of some of the possible threats still out there. The most obvious one being what is going on with Jasper. We see her in the dark image along with Aquamarine, a cactus monster, an angry looking White Diamond, a few Lapis Lazuli, and some giant long neck monster. Is that the same Aquamarine that once tormented Steven and the gems? Is White Diamond going to get angry about something or does she have a counterpart we have never seen before? Maybe not all gems are thrilled about the changes that have been made to the empire? I wonder if the giant monster is some kind of Jasper fusion. We will find out when Steven Universe Future premieres.

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