Your Daily Nerd Thing: Mythic Legions All Stars 3

Welcome back to Your Daily Nerd Thing. Yes it has been a few weeks. In fact there has not been a Daily Nerd Thing since last year. Well we have returned with some news. What news could have ousted us from out winter hibernation? New toys obviously.


Four Horsemen Toy Design has announced the latest Mythic Legions All Stars wave of figures.

Mythic Legions is a line of original fantasy characters. There have been several waves over the last few years and once in a while they release an All Star set where they bring back some old favorites along with new characters. They had fans vote on what figures would make the cut this time. The winners are Zazhar (the blue demon), Malleus (the skeleton), Torrion (the minotaur), and Baron Volligar (the dark vampire knight). It will also include a re-release of the Forest Troll but repainted in the Stone Troll colors. They will also continue adding a few Masters of the Universe inspired recolor characters. Here we see an elf colored to look like She-Ra and a dark knight colored to look like Hordak.

According to the announcement pre-orders will be this Friday.

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