Your Daily Nerd Thing: Toy Fair 2020

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing. The New York Toy Fair happened over the weekend. I am going to do a quick look at some of the things that were on display, many of which are already up for preorder on action figure websites. I can’t cover everything because that would take too long.


First Hasbro is releasing a new line of GI Joes  in a scale and style similar to Marvel Legends. The first wave will consist of Duke, Scarlett, and Roadblock. They are going with a less cartoony look for the Joes this time and members of Cobra are likely not far behind.


A few new Marvel Legends waves were on display. As usual they are mixing popular known characters with a few more obscure offerings from the Marvel library.


And also a wave dedicated to characters from the X-Men Age of Apocalypse story from the 90’s. Both waves will have their own Build-a-figure characters but I can’t find any decent pictures of them yet. The Avengers wave will have a new Abomination and the Age of Apocalypse wave will have the Sugarman. For those who don’t know the Sugarman was one of the dumbest characters to come out of the 90’s but he makes a decent build-a-figure monster character.


The Power Rangers have been getting new quality action figures lately and another set is on the way. Each wave has had Rangers from various incarnations of the show. This wave finally gives us Billy the original blue ranger. It will also feature the Time Force Red Ranger, the Gold Ranger from Zeo, and the Ranger Slayer from the recent Power Rangers comic books.


A lot of new Transformers toys are coming as they always are. But I wanted to take a moment to look at this new Arcee. Arcee first appeared in the original Transformers movie. She was not the first female transformer but she was the first to be a series lead and has shown up in many different forms.

And finally we should talk about this.


Yes they debuted the life size baby Yoda toy. We were told this was coming and well, here it is. I enjoy baby Yoda as a meme but don’t really want one in my home. But plenty of other people do so here it is.

I may have a few more things to say about Toy Fair tomorrow but it will not take up the whole week.

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