Your Daily Nerd Thing: Baldur’s Gate 3

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing where every weekday we bring you a different nerdy thing we found on the internet. The Baldur’s Gate series is a popular video franchise based on one of the many worlds of Dungeons and Dragons. Fans have been waiting for the third installment of the series from some time. I have not played any of the previous games but I am a D&D player and this is a pretty impressive video for someone aware of the lore.

In this video we get to see a classic D&D monster in action. These powerful tentacle faced creatures are known as mindflayers to most. Their official species name is Illithid and they use power psionic abilites in place of regular magic. We get a glimpse of one subjecting people to ceremorphosis, the method they use to reproduce. Those little larva will take over the host body and transform it into a new mindflayer in time. It looks like the other mindflayers of the ship are dead which is why this one is taking such a huge risk flying directly into a city to snatch people up.

The Illithid once ruled a vast empire but it was brought down by the Gith, who were once the primary slave race of that empire. The Gith rebelled and the Illithid empire fell and the mindflayers were forced to scatter across the planes to survive. That flying tentacled Nautaloid ship in the video is a pretty powerful and rare commodity for the surviving mindflayers. But whenever one shows up the surviving Gith are likely to pop up too. Here we see a group of Gith riding dragons trying to bring the ship down. I am not as well versed in Gith lore but I do remember one of the factions has some kind of alliance with one of the dragon flights. I don’t know the previous Baldur’s Gate stories but I am interested to see more of this one.

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