One Last Week of Nerd Things: Cosmic Legions

Hello everyone, it is I, The Original DJRM. As you can see I have returned to after not posting anything since last February. Well as you all know a global pandemic happened, in fact it is still happening. But I have been stuck at home all of this time so why was I not posting? Well, because this site is dead and I was tired of pretending it wasn’t. For a very long time I was the only person posting here because everyone else has either moved onto their own projects or other work. And I am glad for them. They deserve whatever success they can find. But I stayed and tried to keep alive and I just could not do it anymore. I am not here to breath new life into this site. I am finally ready to say goodbye and I shall do it with a final round of articles. In the coming weeks I shall do one last week of Nerd Things and a few other articles based on some of my past work here.

But enough of all that, here is some actual nerdy news for you.

Four Horsemen Studios announced their new Cosmic Legions line of figures. Their Mythic Legions line of fantasy figures has a very strong following and it has long been rumored that they would branch into a line of science fiction characters. Well at their online G-Con event this year they officially debuted Cosmic Legions.

We got a look at the line logo and this concept art of a new alien character.

This image gives some information on the line and a look at a character in a space suit.

Well, there you have it, the first genuine Nerd Thing article in months, and what will be one of the last. Keep an eye open this weekend for more and next week there will be more Daily Nerd Things before the end.

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